We commit us to perform mechanical integration and installation of our solutions to our customers’ vehicles. A fully correct installation is highly important for both the performance of the solution as to minimize future corrective maintenance on board.


Oxyfi offers all solutions using an operated managed service model. This includes everything necessary: ​​the right to use the software, hosting of central software, daily operation, maintenance, support, new functionality and bug fixes. For many solutions we also manage the included mobile data subscription/s.


We commit us to integrate various types of systems into complete solutions. Examples of assignments are to distribute GPS-positions from a single GPS-unit on-board to several systems on land-side as well as on-board. In this assignment we also tag the positioning-data-stream with data from a third system before passing it on.


Oxyfi perform corrective maintenance on our equipment in vehicles. Another common model is that we locate the precise problem by remote analysis and then guide and support our customer’s ordinary maintenance partner so that they can perform the corrective tasks on-board.

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